As many of you know, I teach students about entrepreneurship.  Since my first class I have always wondered what it is that makes the perfect business or makes the perfect business owner.  Time and time again it comes back to a problem.  Something that is missing.  Something that does not work right.  Success comes from failure.

So when I walk the floors of a travel trade show floor, and there are announcements of this or that, I come back to the issue, the problem.  What is happening that makes this new solution a good thing - or not.  

Then I rate it - trying to understand the probability of success or failure.  Remarkably I have a good track record of things are good - and those that are not so good.  New GDS?  Would have been good if it had content - it just never did.  That is a competitive advantage of the GDS - they have amazing content.

Expense Management Tool - strong success probability - streamlining how business people collect and process their expenses.

Online Booking Tools - mixed success - good for seeing options and working at odd hours - however, still have issues with pushing unnessary work from a travel agent to employees.  But I may lose that battle!

What others did you see this year that may or may not succeed?  What problem did they really solve - anything or just more smoke and mirrors?