Blog Post by Tricia Wischmann

I became a travel agent in the late 80’s, at a time when there were still a lot of deals and there was still a bit of glamour in air travel. The first oversees flight I took was on TWA and I was upgraded to first class. I will never forget that flight. I think about it with nostalgia and I know I will never get that kind of service and comfort again. At least not on my budget.

I remember going to the airport and getting on a standby list for the next available flight from Phoenix to LA, San Diego, or Las Vegas and actually getting on a flight. As a travel agent, I could fly for $38 round trip to any of those destinations as a standby passenger. And even without travel agent status, the full fare was only $58 round trip. In today’s world, does standby travel even exist? If it does, I’m sure it’s not reliable.

The 1980’s was a time when air travel had become affordable for the average person and there was still an excitement about it. Today, air travel is done out of a necessity. A one hour flight can take up to 6 hours between airport and actual travel time. You just want to reach your destination with as few hiccups as possible. Perhaps, one day, travel will become easy and exciting once again!