Remember when you were young and you looked at things with optimism and hope and fun and excitement.  I try so hard to keep that attitude but as I get older and older and older, I look at everything with a little more edge - a little more doubt - a little more hesitation.  I am becoming an old fart.

As I attend the National Business Travel Association for what seems like the 100th time, I sat at my desk last month when I thought to my self, it is like I am going to a circus.  The Circus is in town in Los Angeles and I wonder what drama - what petty speeches - what claims of grandeur will be spewed from the mouths of those on stage.  Today it all starts.

And I think in the end it does no benefit to the industry to which is supports.  It is like a government that says a lot but does nothing to demonstrate action.  It is like elected politicians that get up and speak to the cameras but say nothing.

I sure hope that changes this year.  I hope.  But I am getting too old.  I just do not believe.  As such I hope they sell cotton candy and snow cones and allow me to enjoy the circus for what it is.  We will see.