Blog Post By Rebecca Frinell

I have a friend who was traveling this past weekend and was booked on a connection to fly home on Sunday.  Mind you it was the only way she could get home – through a connection – as there were no direct flights available on her route.  She was at the airport on time and had a seat assignment….and got bumped.  Because she was not allowed to fly on her original flight, this meant she missed her connection to her later flight.  In the end, she had to spend another night in the city she was in and fly home the next day.  

While I am aware – as in this instance – that connections might be the only option.  However, if there is an option, I would always select the direct flight.  While this might cost you a bit more money upfront, it could save you many hours of waiting and impending stress concerning whether or not you will even get home that day and end up costing you more in the long run. This should be considered as well for all business policies - is the savings worth what might be more efficient travelers? it just depends.