I cannot think of a business, government, entity, anything that does not have a customer.  And with each customer comes responsibility - to understand - to have compassion - and to listen.  Not all customers are reasonable or fair.  In front of Stew Leonards in Norwalk, Connecticut where I grew up there is a stone inscribed with the rules.  Rule #1 - The Customer is always right.  Rule #2 - If the customer is wrong, re-read rule #1.  But many do not adhere to that premise because there is a belief that there are customers that are wrong.

But for corporate travel managers all over the world they must listen and connect to their customers.  This is because a corporate travel managers best eyes and ears are every traveler that travels.  And if this is the case, then you must provide a vehicle to listen and connect with them.

By engaging with each of these indoviduals you will create a better travel program for both them and the company.  The ideal is not to let them do what they want - it is to create a program that meets their needs while balanced with the needs of your corporation.  In the end you will create a great program that shows true value to your company and to your career!