Blog Post by Wendy Cofer

Are you traveling when snow or bad weather is in the forecast? Since this winter may go down in the record books as being one of the worst winters ever, being prepared before the storm hits is key. Here are few tips to know when traveling during inclement weather. Call the airlines before the storm arrives. A majority of the time they will allow you to change your connection city to avoid delays or cancellations to your trip. They may even allow you to change your flight to the day before/day after or earlier/later in the day to avoid the storm. This helps them out as much as you.

The second tip is all over the news but so many people don't do it. Call the airport before you go to find out if you flight is already cancelled. Why sit in the airport when you could be home or keep your hotel for just a little longer.

So instead of sitting at the airport like the thousands of other travelers waiting for the next flight or the cancellation of your flight call plan ahead to safe and sane travel.