Post by Tricia Wischmann

Pitchers have arrived weeks ago.  Catchers too, so there is something for those pitchers to throw to.  Administrative support for all the baseball teams have probably been thinking about the arrival of Spring Training since the season ended in October last year.

Which means it can only be time for business travelers to figure out a way to go to Arizona or Florida to do a little business.  And have some fun during the downtime.

While the Grapefruit League (Florida) is more difficult because the games are played all over the state, it might provide more opportunity depending on where you have that business.  The Cactus League (Arizona) is a little more convenient because the games are in the Phoenix Metro area at 10 different stadiums.  Generally game time is around 1PM in the afternoon but they do offer some evening games.  This makes it possible to see 4 different major league teams in one day if you are really adventurious. 

So if you are in Florida or Arizona why not take your client to a baseball game and talk a little business on the side.  It will make it a lot more enjoyable and you might even get some more work done!