My wife and I visited the small island of Nevis this fall.  It was chosen based on the hope of some ideals that are obtained from the host of reviews that are out there about desinations that we are all yearning to visit.  Those of us in the travel industry like to visit places - and learn about people and cultures from far away lands.  Or we try and chose a place to have some quiet time, to simply recharge our batteries before taking on the world.

This island was a wonderful off the beaten path place to visit.  The island is dominated by one large four seasons resort - which I did not go to.  While I have expressed my love of all things four seasons, this was not the time or place for that.  I needed some smaller - something quieter.  I needed tranquility.

Rather my wife and I stayed at the Nisbit Plantation.  Always rated highly by most critics and travelers, it was everything we wanted.  The beach was mostly deserted.  The food was great.  but it was the people that set it apart.

But what I think was even better was the island itself.  The people, and their friendlness, and warmth was something that I had not expected.  I hope to go back someday.

If you want to hear more - just let me know.  Next week I am going to speak about the fine art of service.