Post by Rebecca Frinell

First, let's set the scene...the 8 hours it took (at least) to prepare the amazing Thanksgiving dinner has been enjoyed in about 30 minutes. The family card and board games have all been won/lost and there is still bantering back and forth regarding who actually won and who cheated. The leftovers have been put away to be eaten for the next 4 days (have you ever searched for 'leftover turkey' recipes on the internet? Endless).

Then it's finally time for the mandatory movie screening we have all been anxiously awaiting – and have seen for the last 10 years on Thanksgiving night – National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Now I think everyone in my family and extended family could probably recite half of the lines in this movie and who doesn't have an Uncle Eddy in the family? The Griswold's holiday experiences from putting up the outside lights, finding the perfect tree, hosting all the family and watching old movies in the attic all create laughter from every member of the family – young and old. I think the real reason we find it so funny is that we can all relate; and while we grumble and swear (who, me?) and pour another beverage to get through the Thanksgiving holiday, we probably wouldn't be anywhere else. So, when the Thanksgiving dinner is put away, pull out the movie everyone can find humor in...and slick up the's going to be a bumpy ride!