Some of you know I visited Ireland this summer.  A fun trip with friends, we rented a house in the country, and traveled around the southern part of Ireland.  There was no planned agenda, however, we knew we wanted to visit some "must-do" places that we read about.  I thought I would share some memories of that trip.

Aer Lingus - Beautiful equipment, smooth flight, but every flight attendent appeared and acted like they would have preferred to be somewhere else.  I can understand serving in coach is a bear - but shouldn't they fake it?  Bad first impression.

Arrival - We flew into Shannon, and after a quick customs check and securing our luggage we waited at Hertz for over an hour.  I would have thought we were on some Caribbean island on island time.

Driving - I have driven in England and Scotland before so figured this would be no big deal.  It really was not - but you have to be careful, alert and good.  Driving over there takes a lot of care because what the Irish view as two lane roads are in fact one lane roads in the U.S.

People - By far my favourite part of the trip were the people - down to earth, friendly and just good hearts.  It started with our Hostess Imelda and then went all week until we met a few of the Irish at a little concert in Kilkenny.

Land - The actual land of the country is beautiful.  We know it is green - but our trip also resulted in perfect weather, so I am sure that helped,  The Ocean cliffs, the golf courses, the country walks and even the coastal cities were all beautiful.

The Show - So it is true, I went to see a boss concert.  And while my only show this year was acceptable, it was the people around me that made it special.  Respectful and nice, I see why Bruce loves to tour in Europe.  They do not TALK during concerts.

So in the end I would visit Ireland in a heartbeat.  Spend a week or two, rent a house and visit the cities, towns and sights of a beautiful country with beautiful people.