Well, I have been told that this is what many of you have been waiting for - my thoughts, observations and experiences from a few days in San Diego.  I wanted to let things settle down a little, so in advance, my apologies for the delay in getting this written.   I struggled with what format I should write this in - should I write this as a story about the week gone wild, or should I once again write it as a letter to the general corporate travel population? In the end I thought it more enjoyable to my readers if I give you some tasty little bullets of observations and perceptions - all mine of course - and we will keep it to the 26 letters of the alphabet.

a) Boy, were emotions high. I could not get over how passionate many were. However.....
b) Many of the others I spoke to just do not care. Maybe more should care.
c) The rantings during general sessions were pathetic. preachy, unfair, and sad.  Grow up.
d) ALL of the new attendees and the old attendees I spoke with at the convention said the same thing to me: What the hell is going on?
e) Laura Bush was quite entertaining. I missed Hillary. Jewel? Maybe we could bring the Boss next year - and forget talking - we could use a three hour concert.
f) Transparency is a word that is not used by the leadership of this organization. Might have to call them "The Great and Powerful OZ".
g) Poor men wanna be rich, rich men wanna be kings, and the kings ain't satisfied 'till they own everything.....
h) Is anyone else sick of the bubble gum chicken they keep serving? There must be something easier - cheaper - and better.
i) The objectives of this organization should be to advance our industry and provide a forum for members to learn and network and grow. Grade = F
j) Membership growth by 2x is kind of pathetic if the objectives are not being met (see above).
k) I wish there was an alternative to a trade show where you can meet people and discuss products and services. The trade show seems so old and yesterday.
l) I am extremely excited about the future of Phocuswright and what will happen for the next few years and beyond.
m) Does anyone know about ITM in the UK? If not, you should. They get it.
n) San Diego may be the best place to host this event - that is until they realize they should be holding this event in Vegas.
o) The schedule must be changed....Wednesday is a waste.
p) Dance Parties are good things - especially when you can say you twisted with Chantel.
q) I think self proclaimed leaders are dictators.
r) Time to go to Phoenix for a conference. Dry heat is better than humid sweaty heat.
s) I love catching up with my friends - that is what this is all about really, isn't it?
t) To the new president, actions speak louder than words. Imagine your legacy when you take matters into your hands and take action. Go for it.
u) How radical would it be if sponsors of keynote speakers did not talk. I would buy more of their product.
v) Bigger is not always better - at least when it comes to booth size.
w) Trade show trick or treaters should be outlawed.
x) Wait, Hilton has a travel manager but Boeing does not? Oh, those are rules designed to maintain power....I get it.
y) Kudos for Mark Ziegler for standing up for what he believed and being the front man for positive change - he was unfairly attacked the entire week.
z) Have I upset anyone yet? Oh stop reading into these and get a sense of humor.