Well, well.  Here I sit to write again about my favorite subject.  The Global Business Travel Association.  As I get ready to board a plane in a few days for San Diego and attend their annual convention, I wonder what will happen?  Will it be all the same?  Will I be shunned?  Then I thought, what a better way to start off the convention by sharing some thoughts.

But before that, I had to go back a few months to see what I wrote about last fall.  Wondering if there were any changes....you see, I took some heat from some of the current board members.  But I went back and re-read it and thought to myself those that did give me heat, well how sad was that.  I did not say anything crazy - in fact - the chapter of the future is dead.  There are changes afoot to make all board seats voted on by the membership.  I mean, progress.  Geez.  Sometimes we can just be so sensitive.

And now there is infighting amongst the membership.  And kudo's to Kevin Iwamoto, for writing such a thoughtful blog post about this.  You can find it at http://www.thebeat.travel/post/2013/07/23/GBTA-Proposed-Changes-Require-Participation-Dialogue-Compromise.aspx.  So what now?

I hope that change happens.  In the end, to be the best you can be is to rise above the bickering, and make change for positive growth.  There is no doubt I have made a ton of mistakes in my career.  I think when I resigned from the Board at ACTE it was a mistake.  I was not emotional about the decision to not merge ACTE and NBTA (the old name), but rather emotional about the way it was handled.  As a friend once told me years later, "it was just business", I disagreed - and still do - but I should have stuck out my term and finished by work.

With age does come wisdom.

But in hindsight the good thing was that great, new people came to ACTE with their new views and their new ideas.  They contributed is a positive way....and as a result, made it a stronger organization.  

What cannot happen at organizations that serve industries like associations is they become stagnated by the same leadership and the same views.  The ego is a hard thing to control - but success depends on it. We must rise above our ego's and put in place rules that will control them.

So do I favor one board structure over another?  I think they both have their benefits - and both have their limitations.  I wish there were term limits in both.  But what I fear is that neither will garnish the required votes to be implemented and then what?  Back to the same way of doing things....and that might be the biggest failure of all.