I love stories like this. I mean I hate it when it happens - then I try to go to the top of the mountain and scream down to everyone out there why companies like this are bad - they are bad for our industry - they are bad for commerce - they are just bad. Go out of business already.

I subscribe to things that interest me. They may not interest me all the time - but if they are interesting just some of the time - then I want them in my inbox. Take Zappos. I love to get their emails because I love to look at shoes. Had it not been for zappos I would not have taken notice of a new trend this year - colored wingtips for men. Look for me in my new purple ones very soon. But onto the subject.

Then there are those businesses that have nothing to do with me or my business. And they add me to their email distribution list. But it is nothing but junk. So I will get in one of those moods and unsubscribe - and most of the time it is easy. But not with these guys. They came back and said why? I thought nothing of it and replyed because their business has nothing to do with mine.

And this is where it get's ugly. They argued with me. They said their business does relate to me. And to top it all off - they did not unsubscribe me. They just keep coming. Now they do go to my junk mail - but I see them when I get in there to clean it out every week - inviting me to their damn webinars. But I get so angry - that now it is time to tell everyone that reads this (by choice!) to spread the news. This company is bad - do not do business with them. Do not ever even give them the time of day - there are others that can help you get better without being jerks. And I decided that I would not link to their website I would simply note the name of their company. It is travel store maker. Good luck!