I wonder if this will be a regular Monday edition of my blog?

Other Blogs you should be reading:

Travel and Transport - This one is written by the many owners of travel and transport and it offers a good perspective on business travel from the perspective of the TMC: http://www.insidetandt.com

Carrying On - a lot like the title, and is a dual writer format with two funny guys from Reardon Commerce, this one will touch on just about every subject you can imagine: http://carryingon.net/

The Other Michael Jackson - So a little travel, a little soccer, a lot international perspective, this is a must read from a funny friend from South Africa: http://theothermichaeljackson.blogspot.com

The Beat - Jay and the rest of the team always have good reads on this blog on the latest and greatest things going on in business travel, and there are guest columns as well! http://www.thebeat.travel/blog

I am sure there are others and invite anyone out there to let me know of some good business travel blogs - I highly recommend that anyone and everyone use the Google Reader Tool to keep track of all this stuff and get RSS feeds into reader - it makes life a lot easier when you can have all this stuff sent to your reader page and you can access those posts that interest you the most!