Hotel Audits

Why do a hotel audit?

A Topaz hotel audit is that little peace of mind that ensures all of your efforts to get the best negotiated rates are actually being used. We simply want to be sure your rates are both loaded and booked accurately. So what are the options and how do they work?

Topaz Rate Load Verification Audit

The Hotel Rental Rate Load Verification Audit ensures that all rates have been loaded into the GDS correctly. This results in ensuring that your travel management company and online tool have access to the correct rates. This is step one - making sure there is visibility to the rates - and when a rate is not there, we will do what we can to get it loaded. By providing us with contact information for your hotels, we can work with them to get things right.

Topaz Preferred Rate Audit

Then, once you have your rates loaded correctly, it is important to know that those negotiated rates are actually being booked by your TMC. During the Preferred Rate Audit Topaz will review all hotel bookings using a process similar to our airfare audit, and will check the travel records as they are queued to us to be sure negotiated rates are used at your preferred.

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