Airfare Audit

Since 1978, the Airfare Audit is still finding lost savings

Since we started doing business for the corporate travel community, Topaz has performed airfare audits for over 5,000 corporations worldwide. This real time evaluation of the performance of your Travel Management Company or self booking tool begins with an understanding of your goals and objectives. Then we craft a solution that will meet or exceed your goals. Using the triangle approach, this service can have up to three key stakeholders that completely understand the audit process and requirements: The Corporation, The Travel Management Company, and Topaz. Of course, sometimes corporations would rather evaluate their suppliers without their knowledge. We can do that too.

Why would you require a Topaz airfare audit?

  • Get an unbiased, third party review of your agencies or self booking tools performance
  • Receive monthly performance reports which include: Agencies error percentage, specific errors by PNR, industry benchmarking data
  • Determine if your TMC is adhering and applying your travel policy
  • Find out how effectively your TMC is applying your negotiated rates
  • Get honest, detailed data to share with management and employees to alleviate any questions and concerns about your TMC's performance

This is the offering you need when you want make sure your TMC or your online booking tool is performing contractually for you and that they are delivering the service you expect them to deliver.  We have various options for you to consider once you determine you want this service.  Do not be lead down the path of complacency or assumption that everything is working great.  We almost always find mistakes - mistakes that can cost your company millions of dollars.

Are you ready to conduct an open evaluation of your airfare expenses to improve your travel program? Give Michele a call at 503-622-8971 or email her at

"When I have used the services of Topaz in the past - I could not have been more pleased. Personalized service, integrity and independent research - you have all the qualities needed."
Don Draves
Manager Corporate Services

Traditional Open Airfare Audit Case Study

Airfare Audits Demonstrate Agency Value, Traveler Compliance

For more than 30 years, Topaz has been the industry leader in airfare auditing services for global and domestic travel programs. Each year, Topaz reviews more than $2 billion in airfares for clients of all sizes, helping to demonstrate traveler compliance and the value of using a travel management company.

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