Potential Savings Analysis

Topaz Potential Savings Analysis provides:

  • Delivery of financial opportunities
  • Real-time analysis of policy changes
  • Justification for any policy changes


Our auditors can conduct the analysis in real time, in conjunction with an airfare audit or alone.

Examples of policy changes include:

  • Expanding a departure window
  • Mandating use of connecting flights
  • Utilization of penalty fares
  • Considering alternate airports in multi-airport cities
  • Prohibiting first/business class
  • Removal of excluded carriers.

The analysis provides you with documented financial information that allows you to determine savings to your travel policy before any changes are made.

For more information or to have your questions answered on how policy changes could save money, please give Michele a call today at 503-622-8971 or email her at michele.simon@etopaz.com.

Travel Advice Case Study

Topaz Audit Finds Savings Opportunities for Clients

When examining corporate travel policies, certain questions are bound to come up: How much could the company save by shifting travelers from business class to coach? What if the policy recommended alternate airports? Do nonrefundable fares actually save the company money? As senior management increasingly scrutinizes every dollar spent on travel in this current economic climate, even mature travel programs are seeking to squeeze further savings from their program.

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