GDS Comparison

What is the best GDS for you and your travel program?

Many times a travel manager or a TMC needs to evaluate the performance of their GDS against other GDS options to determine which performs best for them and their corporation. Because Topaz has the unique ability to access all four major GDS's at the same time, we can do real time simultaneous comparisons based on your city pairs and your customer requirements. Working in conjunction with each of our GDS partners we make sure the formats and requirements meet everyones needs before initiating the study.

What do we need to get this Started?

We do not need much. First we need some city pairs to look at, and usually this is based on your historical top city pairs. Then we will recommend some parameters - like travel windows and how far in advance we will be looking to book. Finally, we need to understand the formats used by your TMC, or we will work with the GDS to make recommendations to you. Overall we try to make it easy and painless for everyone.

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