Expense Reporting

The most dreaded activity for active business travelers is not the travel but completing the expense report. Probably the most procrastinated activity in corporate business in all parts of the world.

In collaboration with the productivity audit, Topaz is proud to offer a new service designed to enhance the productivity of your employees by doing this work for them: expense report processing.  

When what your employees do matters, why have them bother with expense reports?  The most effective way is to let us do them - freeing up the time for your traveling employees to do what they should be doing for your company - driving shareholder results. For the business, this new service results in:

  • Increased Accuracy

  • More Timely submissions

  • Simplified processes

  • Embedded Audit before payment

  • Continued Management Approval

  • Proper Allotment of expenses

  • Review of any travel add-ons

  • Usage of your own systems

  • Multiple methods of receipt submissions

For more Information, please contact Michele Simon at 503-622-8971 or michele.simon@etopaz.com.

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