Expense Report Audit

Expense Reports are the final frontier - and if all you are doing is an automated audit, rest assured your company is being cheated.

An expense report audit is essential to ensure excess spending by employees is addressed before the cash leaves the building. Expense reports are where the most corporate fraud takes place. These documents should always be reviewed and investigated so that your comprehensive travel program can be enforced. By implementing a regularly scheduled expense report audit you can continually identify over spending, get to the root of the problem and address the employees and expenditures which need to be reviewed.

What do we need to get this started?

The expense report audit is customized for your needs and requirements.  We can look at online expense reports or hard copy expense reports for such items as:

  • Miscellaneous column where the most unusual expenses are found.
  • Hotel charges that are not in preferred properties or preferred rates.
  • Employees not using preferred channels to book reservations
  • Car rentals that are being upgraded
  • Gas charges that are excessive
  • Use of a rental car when a taxi or public transportation would have been preferred

In the end we look at what you want, for the time frame you want, and work with you to develop the parameters that will assist you towards the creation of a world class program.

If you would like to learn more about the expense report audit, then all you need to do is give Michele a call today at 503-622-8971 or email her at michele.simon@etopaz.com.

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