Everyday business travelers pay too much money for their airline tickets.

How much has your company lost?

Since Topaz started airfare auditing in 1978, this is how much global corporations continue to lose:

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Working with Topaz, you are guaranteed to be working with an experienced staff that consistently focuses on going above and beyond client expectations. Topaz works with large corporations and small business, always standing by our promise of remaining an independent third party. We value our professionalism, quality, and most importantly, integrity. As the global leader in corporate travel audits, our operations team is ready to work with you no matter where you are located. Topaz has performed audits in over 90 countries. Topaz has always depended upon referrals as our main sales tool. We are confident in our ability to provide you with an experience so valuable you will be eager to encourage others to audit travel with us as well.

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It's Summertime...Time to Schedule Your Fall Audits

Summer is in full swing and while our thoughts may be on staying cool (or warm for our friends in the Southern hemisphere) or our upcoming vacation, don't forget that the year is already half over and...

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The Value of Internet Comparisons in Today’s TMC World

For many of you that know me, I sometimes refer to Topaz as the Darth Vader of Corporate Travel. It was many years ago when I first heard that comment from a friend that worked for a TMC. I even bought...

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Sometimes you just need another independent comparison in your numbers

Let's face the facts. You have to compare your travel program to others. You have to see how you stack up, because your management demands it. You can always compare yourself to your TMC, because more...

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