Productivity Audit

Since the inception of Corporate Travel Management, have we been doing it all wrong? There should be a connection between employee productivity, travel policies and operational procedures to create the most effective policy for all stakeholders, so how do we find it? It is not about how happy a traveler is - nor is it the pains and suffering that one experiences while traveling.  When your employer pays for your travel, and it is part of your work objectives, the objective should be do the best for your company.

This theory plays out most frequently at the highest levels of organizations all over the world. When senior executives are given private jets and private cars, and in many cases multiple support personnel, they are afforded the time and dedication to perform their jobs at the highest levels of productivity one can achieve. They do not book their own trips.  They do not search the internet for alternatives or options. Rather, they focus on the jobs they were hired to do.

The Topaz International Productivity Audit delivers a tangible analysis of your travel program, taking into account real data about your travel program and your travelers, and combines subjective assessments of your culture and industry. Who travels most for your firm and delivers the highest rate of return for their compensation? Should everyone be booking online or can their time be better spent doing more productive and constructive work? The results of this audit will be

  • More Focused Employees on their job objectives

  • Higher Retention of employees that deliver results

  • More successful recruitment of future workforce

  • Higher Satisfaction of Employees

  • Increased job Productivity

  • Family and Work Life Balance

Starting today learn about this new offering that will help your company be the best it can be by engaging your employees, increasing satisfaction of your team, and by finally matching business travel policies to business travel results.

For more Information, please contact Michele Simon at 503-622-8971 or

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