Commission Audit

Do you think you are getting all the commissions you are contracted to receive?

If you have a contract with your TMC that requires them to pay you back commissions earned because of the travel spend by your travelers, how do you know you are getting all you should? For years corporations have asked Topaz International to audit these commissions - and while we have always been agreeable and open to such an audit - we never had a clear service offering. Today we have such a service.

How can you audit commissions?

To summarize in two words: Not Easily. Like the magical Wizard of Oz that hid behind a velvet curtain, commissions, and commission agreements are complex, vague and rarely discussed. However, like any good audit, the ideal is to understand what is due to a corporation and to compare against what was actually paid.

What is needed to perform this service?

We require access to information that will allow us to check and validate performance. The best way to start is to look at a small time period of data - 30 days - and obtain detailed data about booked itineraries that could earn commissions. This would include all air, hotel and rental car commissions. Then we compare this against the commission agreements that impact your revenue stream. These would be the actual contract terms of commissions that are being paid to you.

This information is normally held by your TMC, and this is where issues can arrive. There is resistance to any sharing of such agreements. But how can you audit what you received if you do not know contractually what you were supposed to receive?

Would you like to know more about our TMC Commission Audits? All you need to do is give Brad a call at 503.828.0993 or send him an email at

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